P198 ExoHealer

Skin Booster, Redefined.

Stem cells preserved at - 198ºC

Active ingredients in umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media that start there and maintain its vitality.

Explosive skin condition changes by more than 89 complex protein ingredients and high content of pure ExoHealer

 Umbilical cord blood exosomes are considered by some to be an attractive source for exosome-based therapies due to their unique properties.

First, exosomes from umbilical cord blood contain a variety of bioactive molecules, including growth factors, cytokines, and microRNAs, which are important for cellular growth and repair. These exosomes can potentially stimulate the regeneration and repair of damaged tissues, which is why they are used in various regenerative medicine applications.
Secondly, umbilical cord blood exosomes are generally considered to be safe, as they are obtained from a non-invasive and ethical source that does not pose any risk to the donor. Also, they do not have the same risk of disease transmission as other sources, such as exosomes derived from adult tissue.
Lastly, umbilical cord blood exosomes are considered to be more potent than exosomes derived from other sources. This is because they are obtained from young and healthy cells, which are more active and have a higher potential for regeneration compared to cells from older individuals or those with chronic diseases.



Pure Exosome developed by strict quality control and process


Since1994, 30 years of steady and continuous research


More than 290 SCI-Level papers and international patents demonstrated our Exosome effect

Incomparable Exosome, The Secret of a Drop

Exosome Cell Bio Skin Booster studied by stem cell doctors since 1994. Craving for Perfectness, the Essence of 30 years


ExoHealerTM is the name of the exosomes contained in Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Conditioned Media, USC1994-CM® that is a small and uniform ingredient to maximize the absorption of the active ingredients.

✔️ More than 1,470 kinds of condensed active ingredients

✔️ 49.2 & 245.7 billion of exosome particles

✔️ 1/1700 size of pores

✔️ Fast and deep skin absorption