File a Claim

How To File A Claim For Route Insurance?

Your shipping is covered when you choose Route Package Insurance. Whenever an insured delivery issue happens, such as a product being lost or stolen, they will repay your hidden shipping expenses.

They also allow you to return items that don’t fit or don’t operate for up to three months after purchase if they don’t work or don’t function.

When you buy a product that includes Route shipping insurance, you will receive an email with your Route Order ID and a link to register a claim.

Follow the steps below to file a claim using your email:

  • Open your Route email.
  • Copy your Route Order ID from the email and click FILE A CLAIM.
  • Fill out the essential information in the claim form–email address, subject line, and claim type.
  • Decide your claim type (lost, stolen, or damaged) and copy/type the Route Order ID into the following field.
  • Fill in the remaining information and click Submit.